Calendula Cares: Warming up with Calendula Flower Essence [Infographic]

Calendula strengthens the heart exceedinglyNICHOLAS CULPEPPER

As her petals open and reflect the golden light of the sun, Calendula opens our hearts to reflect the golden light of compassion within.

Plant Introduction

My journey with Calendula started about a year ago when I attended the class, “Growing Medicinal Herbs”, at the California School of Herbal Studies. I left with some cuttings and seeds, including Calendula officinalis.

I had always loved the bright blossoms and knew they had a ton of medicinal uses. Now was my chance to finally work with this plant.

Once the seeds sprouted into strong little starts, I planted in a few different spots in my yard. They all grew vigorously and soon had their signature orange blooms. They have actually been blooming ever since!


Calendula can be annual or perennial depending on climate, and here in coastal Northern California it seems to be going strong after a year. The name Calendula refers to the latin word for calendar (the first day of every month) due to its long flowering period. I’ve noticed that even on the coldest winter days when everything looks dismal and bleak, the Calendula flowers beam out their bright sunny rays like it’s no big deal.

I’ve been harvesting the flower heads regularly, drying and using the petals in herbal preparations like calendula infused jojoba oil. The fresh petals are also a beautiful addition to salads!

Energetic Impressions

I sat communing with Calendula one fall morning and a majestic Monarch butterfly flitted over to sit on a flower, indicating that Calendula was ready to convey her wisdom to me.

The first impression I received was how much Calendula loves to be useful and helpful. She is so happy to provide food, medicine and healing to humans – anything to help. My sense of her spirit personality was a matronly/grandmotherly woman in an apron, baking and dishing out simple wisdom, listening to one’s woes and making everything better with a warm cookie straight out of the oven. Think of the “oracle” in the Matrix moviesand you get the picture.

As I went deeper, I felt grounded, centered, and empowered with a sense of internal comfort and emotional warmth. Compassion and hospitality flowed around me. I felt her strength and stamina while I pondered the longevity of her lifecycle. I could see all her stages at once – new blooms, old blooms and seed heads – and it gave me a deep sense of genetic intelligence in terms of healing and regeneration.

There is also an energy of easy communication and emotional intelligence. She is a good listener, like a trusted therapist. She knows the importance of well chosen words as an act of creation – creating trust and goodwill, creating relationships, creating art, creating a container of benevolence and compassion for the world.

Calendula has incredible strength, but it always comes from a place of natural flow rather than struggle. And because she’s always here to help I think she’s a great catalyst to combine with other plant remedies – whether using Calendula infused oil in herbal preparations, as a carrier oil for essential oils, or using Calendula flower essence in combination with other flower essences to give them an added boost.

My process of making a master/mother flower essence includes an added step of charging it with crystal energy. I surround the bottle with certain stones selected to reinforce the energetic signature I received from the flower, and then I let it “marinate” for seven to thirty days. For Calendula the stones I chose were:

  • Amber – deep, resonating warmth
  • Indian Sunstone – joy, positive feelings
  • Green Calcite – healing intelligence
  • Orange Calcite – emotional healing, creativity
  • Tiger Eye – strength, stamina, grounding, luck
  • Clear Quartz – catalyst, energizer

When to Use Calendula Flower Essence

As with all flower essences, Calendula can be used individually or in combination with other essences. I think she works best in a supportive role with other essences due to her helpful, healing and catalyzing nature. Calendula adds heart, warmth and calm to any remedy and is wonderful for anyone working to become warmer in their interactions with people or more gregarious in their community. In addition, she has a strong healing energy and supports the mending of emotional rifts as well as physical issues needing regeneration.

Calendula is indicated for imbalances signified by:

  • Cold, unreceptive nature – difficulty listening to other viewpoints
  • Intolerant of others – difficulty opening heart and empathizing
  • Insensitivity or carelessness with words (even when there are good intentions) and that impreciseness  can hurt others or cause frequent misunderstandings
  • Blocked creative expression particularly around words written and spoken
  • Burnout in work that helps others, especially Caregiving/Service professions

Flower Essence Profile

Please share and enjoy the flower essence profile for Calendula!

Calendula Infographic

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July 22, 2018 at 9:08 pm

I’m excited to make my own calendula flower essence. It sounds like everything my husband could benefit from at this time and I am a fertility/birthworker/healer who is recovering from burnout after several traumatic births so I’m looking forward to using her essence in my own healing.

    October 2, 2018 at 11:56 pm

    I’m so glad this article was helpful to you Michelle! I think Calendula would love to be an ally for you. Rose may be another lovely flower essence to work with for your situation.

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